Well known Jump Off “Sundy Carter” Posts Lewd Picture Of Her 16 year Old Daughter Via Twitter

The Swagg-Less Award goes to @SUNDYCARTER. I’m going to keep this short because I could talk about this all day. Why would you expose your daughter for doing sexual acts on twitter.

Your basically exposing yourself for being a bad mother. You need to spend less time parenting via social media and start parenting in real life. You know what you to old to learn how to start parenting. You should be arrested for child pornography! Way to set black women back!!!

Sundy Carter (side piece,and Larry Hughes baby mother), was having an argument with her 16 year old daughter and in that argument her daughter called her a whore. Well that made Sundy mad and she put a picture of her 16 year old daughter on Twitter kissing her boyfriends penis.

She is not fit to raise children. . . . What kind of mother would put their own daughter on the internet in a compromising position like that, not to mention it is a crime because she is a minor so that would be child pornography. Sundy Carter needs to be exposed.

We are NOT SNITCHES here. But if any of you guys ARE . . . you may wanna notify CHILD SERVICES regarding this incident. Sundy now lives in LOS ANGELES California.


swagg out,

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