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Swagg team hasn’t done a report on WWE programming in a little while. WWE television has been pretty passive of late. With the Daniel Bryan and Orton program falling off the wagon and 2 straight screw job PPVs, it almost guarantees that there Hell in a Cell PPV even with Shawn Micheals guest appearing as the ref in the main event won’t do well in the buyrate column. That fact is all the WWE’s fault however due to the booking as of late. Raw as a show this time around wasn’t bad mainly because of the main event. As usual were going to only review the highlights of the show so enjoy.

Highlight 1: Shawn Michaels opens the show

HBK basically came out guaranteeing that Hell in the Cell would crown a new WWE Champion and there wouldn’t be any crooked finishes. This was WWE basically beginning fans to pay for the next PPV because they realize how bad they’ve screwed up as of late. He said he didn’t like Orton and he trained Daniel Bryan but he was still Triple H’s best friend. However, all the these facts were not going to interfere with a clean finish he said. Orton came out and was cheered like crazy. He had to pretty much turn on the crowd so HBK would still have the top “Face” reaction in the ring. Orton taunted Michaels and Michaels didn’t back down. Orton teased an RKO which was blocked into HBK’s superkick which Orton ducked and hightailed out the ring. This led to Miz attacking Orton (which was horrible) leading into the to start of their match.

This was a pretty decent match with saw Orton b. Miz. Orton hit Miz with an RKO after the interference from the Wyatt Clan.  I really wish they’d do more with these guys. The guys meaning the Wyatt Family. Any writer should jump on the opportunity to write a storyline for these guys if they know what their doing which they don’t.

Backstage, Paul Heyman told Brad Maddox that CM Punk is a cheater, and asked Brad to do something about it. Punk vs Ryback is rematched at Hell in a Cell. Brad made Ryback vs Truth, and CM Punk vs Curtis Axel tonight, in a Beat The Clock series. The winner in the fastest time gets to pick the stipulation for the Ryback vs CM Punk match at Hell in a Cell.

They aired plenty of John Cena return videos for Hell in a Cell. That’s right folks after 2 months of a “torn tricep” John Cena will be returning.


Bow Down To The Game
HHH and Stephanie McMahon were out to address Big Show’s actions last week. The crowd serenaded the power couple with loud “You got knocked out!” chants. Stephanie claimed they are selling Big Show’s house, and pressing charges against him for knocking out HHH last Monday night. Hunter got on the mic and said no more Mr. Nice Guy basically. He said he would bring Big Show to his knees and make him beg for mercy. Fans really got on both Steph and Hunter here. It’s clear out of the angle who were the main people over as heels and that’s them. Daniel Bryan came out to conduct yes! chants and got attacked by Alberto Del Rio which was random. This led to Stephanie making a match between them tonight.
The Ryback vs R-Truth in Beat The Clock
Not much to this match and it was what is was. This was nothing special at all. Ryback won at 5:44 which Heyman wasn’t very content with.
The Real Americans beat Tons of Funk.
same match that The Real Americans usually have which is geared around Cesaro doing the Cesaro swing. That guy is really over right now and it’s clear that they make him a babyface soon because of that move. After the match was over Cesaro swung Albert around for a little bit. Not as long as he usually swings but the fans liked it.
 CM Punk def Curtis Axel in Beat The Clock
This was a solid match but I don’t think the IC champion should ever be beaten in under 6 mins. But then again Axel has done more jobs then I can even remember.  They need to away with the mid card belts if there not going to have any meaning behind them.
Punk chooses his stipulation for the match. The stipulation choosen was a 2 on 1 handicap match in the Hell in a Cell structure at the PPV. It will be Punk vs. Heyman and Ryback. Punk was extremely over as usual.
Daniel Bryan vs Alberto Del Rio
This match had a lot of time, but never really seemed to gel that well. As Bryan was getting momentum late, Randy Orton’s voice suddenly was heard over the arena speakers. Orton, on the Tron, interrupted the match. They showed him going into the locker room to check in on Brie Bella. This got almost no reaction at all. As Orton closed the door, the Bellas screamed. Bryan tried to exit the ring to run to the locker room, but Alberto cut him off with a kick to the head of course. When Alberto went from the finish, Bryan hit a swift kick to allow himself an escape. Bryan ran to the locker room which resulted in himsuffering a count out loss. When Bryan entered the trainer’s room, Orton wasn’t there. Bryan asked The Bellas where he went, and that’s when Orton reappeared attacking Bryan from behind. Orton left Bryan laying. This fueled really needs so type of charm on it. It’s dropped so low since Summerslam.
The Shield vs Cody Rhodes & Goldust
We have new tag champions~! Average match, with a lot of heat, until the very good final few minutes. The No DQ stips didn’t play into the match until the finish, when Cody went for CrossRhodes on Reigns and Dean Ambrose ran in to stop it. The trio set up Cody for the triple powerbomb, but Goldust came in with a chair to break it up. Goldust dropped the chair to throw Ambrose out of the ring, but this allowed Reigns to grab hold of it and cut ‘Dust off. Reigns scolded Goldust for dropping the chair, and went to hit Goldy with it but he was countered with a flying crossbody. Cody brawled with Rollins outside the ring while Reigns and Goldust were down inside. Dean Ambrose remained involved for the rest of the match, trying to give his team the advantage.
With almost every man down from the fierce brawling, Big Show returned through the crowd. He ran in, taking out every member of the Shield. After delivering a knock out blow to Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes pinned Reigns to win the tag titles. Big Show left through the crowd, and HHH came rushing to the ring from backstage furious. This was a hot ending, harking back to the Attitude era when seemingly every Raw would end with a hot angle like this.
The Good Swag:
The tag team title change was good as it seemed like something special. The Tag Belts seemed to be more over than they’ve been in a while which is a good thing. The Rhodes family is really over right now. The HBK return was also great for what it was. The Triple H and Steph segment proved that people at least care about them.
The Swaggless: The Tag match should have not ended on Big Show’s punch because Show is stealing away some spot like from some of the guys. Guys like DANIEL BYRAN and The Rhodes family. Him doing Yes chants isn’t helping either as the show seems like it’s mainly about him which is wrong. This should be kept as an upper midcard story.
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